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Spearing Farm To Higher Levels Of Productivity

Instead of using just a single pitchfork or hay spear, why not do this rather? Go online and take a look at the supplier’s catalogues, read through some of the items’ specifications and then when you have found one that seems fit for purpose, go and buy your smallholding a double bale hay spear. Yours is the only pair of hands on this here smallholding that you are trying to develop into a full-fledged farm-holding.

By using a double bale hay spear, and similar farm implements with similar design features for similar purposes, you are always going to be able to spear more work than you would normally be handling. Using the double spear does not require you to be ambidextrous. It is designed for a single worker to use. You do not need to be a consummate multitasker to use this tool. Although at could be said that the ability multitask comes in good use in this business.

double bale hay spear

That much you probably knew already. And having access to such tools as these will, of course, make your ability to multitask that much easier. But be wary of always trying to load too much work onto your shoulders. A lot of your work remains seasonal. And by the time your peak season arrives, it can be quite exciting. You are on the cusp of delivering your produce to market. But the volume of work is just too much to handle.

Henceforth you will be hiring your seasonal workers. Many of them will be unskilled workers. But teaching them to use these multiple task farming implements should be a cinch. It cannot be easier than that. Take advantage of the new tools at your disposal and spear your business to higher levels of productivity.