Tips For Keeping The Air Quality You Breathe Clean

Breathing in clean air is very important to our overall health and well-being.  If we breathe in toxic fumes, bacteria and other airborne irritants we can become sick.  Installing a good ventilation system can be the turning point in your air quality. Commercial ventilation contractors minneapolis will be able to guide you through the process in finding the perfect unit.

Close windows on high smog and pollen days

During the course of the year you will have different days that will have increased concentrations of smog, pollen and other pollutants in the air.  It is during these days and times of the day when you want to have your house locked up tight.  Make sure your windows are closed and that all of your vents are closed. 

Clean air filters

The air filters that you use will help in keeping your home clean.  If you are using old and dirty filters then the air flow is limited.  If the air flow is limited you are not getting the clean purified air you need to breathe.

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Use air purifiers

Air purifiers are also important to your health.  To ensure the highest quality of air in your home having air purifiers running will help clean the air that is currently in the room.  These purifiers will also need to be cleaned and drained as well.

Don’t smoke or use other compounds

Smoking and putting chemicals into the air is counter productive and will only keep your air contaminated.  Don’t smoke, burn candles or do anything that pollutes the air.

Wear a mask

Hospital masks will allow you to keep germs and dust out of your lungs.  Many people will wear these when they have the flu or not feeling well.  It is a common curtesy to keep from spreading germs and polluting the air for others.